Your Partner For Growth !!!


Filix is a global pharmaceutical company with products available in key emerging markets like South East Asia, Latin America, CIS and Africa. Our geographic presence in India makes us the ideal partner for companies seeking to market these products in their countries. Our partners benefit from our well-established reputation for quality, compliance and customer service. Our business model is built around strong collaborative partnerships, utilizing our expertise and resources to develop, advance and market the products.

How we deliver results to our partners

As a global supplier of medicines, the vision and leadership of those at the helm is critical to our success. We believe that it takes a strong infrastructure with a great deal of manufacturing expertise to bring out the finest quality finished formulations for highly competitive global markets. We have a long track record of manufacturing high quality finished formulations for worldwide pharmaceutical markets spread across the globe.


Consistent Quality

Our philosophy on quality is to give consistent quality every time, every day, every batch. Our Staff is sure about the quality. Agents are assured of the Quality. Customers trust the quality.


Excellent Compliance Record

To manufacture products that are consumed by patients across the world requires stringent standards and consistent quality assurance. Our QC/QA team consists of highly experienced technical staff engaged in providing data to assure the high Quality, efficacy and safety of our products.


Efficient Regulatory Support

Our regulatory team consists of elite; highly qualified personnel engaged in providing regulatory documents, clinical trials data, FDA Certificates and BE studies for registration of our products. Our Regulatory team is capable of providing CTD format Dossiers.


Flexible Responsive Service

Our International Business Team is dedicated in understanding the requirements of our partners and providing them with realistic customer solutions. They are always at the service of our customers, located in different parts of the world, and are committed towards providing solutions specific to our customer requirements.


Competitive Pricing

We believe in working together towards success, with mutual trust, understanding our partner’s requirements and above all satisfying them. We provide our services to our customers at competitive prices acceptable to both of us and our partners.


Modern GMP Certified Facilities

We supply products manufactured in facilities complying with WHO-GMP guidelines. Our manufacturing infrastructure consists of state-of-art equipments operated by a team of qualified professionals to ensure that every product that rolls out of our factory will comply with WHO-GMP guidelines and other prevalent world class standards. This enables us to bring out the finest quality products that can improve the health and quality of life of many people across the globe at competitive prices.


"Just In time" Delivery Approach

Filix is able to meet the delivery needs of its customers thanks to its modern data and order processing systems, its inspections of all goods entering and leaving the factory, and the latest transport logistics (road, sea or air). No matter what route a our product takes, or how long it takes to get there, its journey is carefully monitored until it reaches its destination.